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Monday, March 18, 2013

Just a Simple Lace Dress

Isn't it amazing what we take for granted?? I know the simplest things in life to us can be the most amazing things to those who may not have been blessed with the simple joys. That was the case when I took Harley (name has been changed to protect our guest) for a simple shopping day at the mall. We went looking for sneakers for her but as we entered the mall we had to walk through a store that had their Easter dresses out. We went by this cute little lace dress, and as I looked at Harley her eyes lit up and she smiled and said, "Wow I really like this dress!" I was shocked that she would even look at a dress as she was pretty much a jeans kind of girl.. I smiled and said, "Yes that would look great on you." We continued on to the shoe store where we looked at sneakers.. it had been a while since my kids were teens and I couldn't get over the price of these sneakers.. but Harley was looking for a deal for she just had so much money that she could spend.. She narrowed it down to 2 pairs.. after a hard decision she decided on the less expensive ones.. I was so proud of her decision.. and I let her know.. As we were walking out she said, "Can I go try on that lace dress." I smiled and thought what could it hurt.. I told her it was probably really expensive but we would go and see if they had her size she could at least try it on. She quickly found her size and went in to try it on.. I told her to let me see her when she had it on.. as she opened the door... her smile was so big.. she looked beautiful just like a little princess. She said can I buy it.. I smiled and said, "Well I don't think you probably have enough money left, how much is it?" I expected her to tell me it was a $50 to $80 but when she looked she got a big smile on her face and said $35. I couldn't believe that it was only $35. She had enough... So I told her she could.. she looked at me and said, "Well I need shoes too, I don't have any shoes for a dress." I said we could look but not to get her hopes up..She just smiled and paid the cashier for the dress and said I have $25 left. I smiled and said, "Wow you are a bargain shopper today!" We continued to look for shoes and we found a couple but, not really what she wanted..Finally we found just what "SHE" wanted..however the BOOTS, yes that's right boots that she picked out weren't exactly what I thought would go with a lace dress...however the sales lady assured me that this was the style, dresses with boots.. and Harley was determined.. after all a lot of the country western singers dress like that.. So I gave in and we came home with sneakers, boots and a lace dress... oh and .24 cents in her pocket.. Harley came home and tried on her dress with her boots.. and I must say.. it did look cute.. How beautiful she was. I can't help but think that God was blessing her with such great deals, she has come such a long ways on the road to recovery. I am so proud of every step she makes. Some days easier than others but today was a great day. A day that she could look pretty and not have to worry about what was coming next. She knows that true beauty comes from within, but a pretty lace dress can make you feel pretty on the outside too~~Harley has touched my heart more than once.. She continues to teach me the important things in life..she encourages us all with her beautiful smile and her willingness to please others. She is so selfless so I was so happy that today was a day that she could be blessed and feel beautiful on the inside and out..


  1. God is so good! And you are doing such a great thing for the Lord and His precious little daughters who need healing and lots of pure love.

  2. So precious! Lots of love to all, J