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Oasis of Hope is a ministry dedicated to.... those caught up in the human trafficking industry.... Oasis of Hope is a safe haven for those to come and be restored in body, mind and soul through the saving power of Jesus Christ

Friday, July 13, 2012

~~What Does Your Day Hold~~

We all wake up each day and make our plans, but sometimes God has other plans for us.. a little over a week ago I was all excited because our 13th grand baby arrived.. Life gets so crazy and it seemed I just couldn't get away to see and hold my little man. So I decided ok this afternoon I am going to go see him. I was on my way just thinking that this is probably my last grand baby and that I needed to spend as much time with him and all my grand children as I can. Life is so short and before I know it they will all be grown up and won't want to hang out with me.. ( although I am a pretty cool Nanny~) I had my christian music on and was just thinking of all the blessings that God has given me. I noticed a camper up a head of me and my first thought was I should try to pass it or I will be behind this camper most of the way since this was the last straight stretch on this 2 lane road, but I felt God telling me.... ah just stay back and enjoy your time alone with me, so I did.. About that time I saw the camper going to the left and I thought to myself he must be having some trouble and pulling off at the school, but then as I watched the whole camper just turned and the truck was on it's side, as my eyes came back to the road I saw this vehicle sliding sideways towards me and I thought Oh my gosh I just witnessed a head on collision. I stopped my car and thought call 911, however my phone didn't have service, so I got out of the car and ran to the vehicle in front of me and found 2 young people unconscious in the vehicle, the smoke that was coming out of the car soon turned into a fire and I couldn't get the door open to get them out. I held the girls head and then saw a car coming and went out waving my hands... I started yelling we need water ..and then praying or what probably sounded like screaming.." please God we need water.. send someone with water." The lady from the other vehicle heard me and said there's water in the camper, so I went to the camper and found the water jugs, by then two other men were there trying desperately to get the door open. We started to pour water on the fire and then on the 2 victims in the vehicle.. Finally someone with a fire extinguisher came.. and then the Emergency crew. So much of it is still a blur, but the one thing I will never forget is the smell of the fire, or the helpless feeling I felt when I saw the young man and woman. I remember thinking I might watch 2 people burn alive and there is nothing I can do... They looked like they were on there way to go swimming or had been... The other vehicle was probably on there way to enjoy a 4th of July camping trip, and I was on my way to hold my grandson....  none of us reaching our destination...and none of us ever dreaming our day would end like this. With complete strangers coming together working so desperately to free a young man and a young woman that we didn't even know..
      I feel that is what we are doing here at Oasis of Hope.. but the question I asked myself is this ,"Am I this desperate in rescuing these little girls from the traffickers that hold them captive?" They may not be trapped in a burning fire, but they are trapped in a life style that is really burning them alive..with NO hope for their future. After the emergency crews got there those of us that were there first just kind of stood back and watched...God showed me that this is what the body of Christ should be like, we should be like the rescue team that was there... we should be so desperate that we will do anything to save these victims of sex slavery. Little 12, 13, 14 year old girls that have been trapped into a life of bondage. We  need to get out our "jaws of Life" and break open the doors and take back what the enemy has stolen. Oasis will serve as a place of healing, a place where we can bandage their wounds and let God do His miracle in them just like He has for Casey and Victoria the two victims in the burning vehicle. It has been amazing to get the reports of how Casey is healing so fast.. Only the God of the universe could have saved them and healed their broken bodies. He can do the same for these young girls that are being trafficked here in America. We the "church" need to rise up and be the loving caring church that God wants us to be, to get out of the 4 walls called the church and become the "Church"  in this hurting world and share His love to hurting people.
      You may ask how can I help and the answer is this.. we are in need of prayer partners, volunteers, teachers, counselors and finances. We are not government funded but run only on donations. We want to be able to give the very  best care to these girls, so that they can become whole young woman that can go out into this world and enjoy a life that God has created them to enjoy. . Can you help if so please go ahead and donate, you can do so right here on this blog page. We are a 501c3 non profit so your gifts are tax deductible. Thanks so much and by the way... I finally did get to hold my grand baby and boy did I hold him tight~~~~Love you Colby Eli Colton~~