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Oasis of Hope is a ministry dedicated to.... those caught up in the human trafficking industry.... Oasis of Hope is a safe haven for those to come and be restored in body, mind and soul through the saving power of Jesus Christ

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

~Picking up the Pieces~

    As time nears for the opening of the home, I must say I am a bit anxious. I have been praying for God to prepare the hearts and minds of those girls that He will be bringing to us, but I know that I too must be prepared not only spiritually but mentally. I try to put myself in her shoes..trying to imagine how she feels, but no matter how much I try I will never know the pain that she has been through.
    The story that I am going to share is a true story, and although I don't share it often because of the content of it, God has brought it back to my mind many times as a reminder. A few years ago we had a rental property that we rented to a young woman and her children. She was going through a very difficult divorce and one night her X husband broke in and held them hostage at gun point. This lasted several hours and it ended with him committing suicide. I had the horrible job of going in and cleaning up afterwards and what I saw will be forever etched in my mind and I will always remember the lesson that God taught me. It wasn't so much the blood that really got to me but, the destruction within the home. Walls had holes in them and things were broken where there was a struggle, I even found strands of her hair that he had pulled out. As my eyes looked around at all destruction I could only imagine the horror that took place in this home. As I walked around the living room I saw all these little figurines of people that was some sort of a collection that she had.. And everyone of them was broken, some were shattered more than others. As I got down on my knees I started to pick the pieces up, knowing that they were probably very special to her.( Just like we are to Jesus) I started trying to put the pieces back together, some were broken more than others and all of a sudden I lost it, the reality of what had happened in this home just hours before. This family was so broken now.. things that happened will never be forgotten, I started crying as I desperately tried to put the pieces together.. crying out to God asking Him how this could have ended so tragically. I couldn't find the  pieces to all of the figurines I was so upset and God spoke to me so gently. He said you can only pick up the pieces but , I will mend them together.. all you are required to do is pick up the pieces... I will never forget that lesson, and when I am ministering to someone and I want to "FIX" them I remember what He said to me.. all I am required to do is to pick up the pieces.. or show them His Love.. He will do the rest. I will never experience being a sex slave, being beaten and used 20 to 30 times a day. I will never know what its like to feel like trash, being something that someone just uses and then throws away. I will never know the feeling of being alone I mean really alone in a dark room locked up like some animal. But what I do know is this.... I know how to be the hands and feet of Christ.. I know how to show her Christ's love. I know how to dry her tears. I know how to show her a daddy who loves her, and I know that this is the will of the Father... to reach out and touch those that are lost and broken and to pick up the pieces...and then to leave the rest to Jesus~~

I would love to come and share at your church, civic group, college, or schools. I want everyone to be aware of human trafficking in America.. Maybe you could also help pick up the pieces.... we can also use your tax exempt donations to help us continue this ministry and be the hands and feet of Jesus..We are totally faith based and run only on donations. Thank you and God bless...~debbie~