Healing Hearts and Changing Lives

Oasis of Hope is a ministry dedicated to.... those caught up in the human trafficking industry.... Oasis of Hope is a safe haven for those to come and be restored in body, mind and soul through the saving power of Jesus Christ

Thursday, November 3, 2011

We need your help!!!

Although the building project is coming to a near end we are falling short of finances to complete.. I know that God hasn't brought us this far to stop now. We are in need of a water treatment system which we really hadn't planned on and also the kitchen flooring and bathroom flooring needs to be purchased the water treatment systems cost will be approximately $2,500.00 and the flooring another $2,000.00. We are still planning on trying to open by the end of this month. I would ask you to please consider donating to this worthy cause.. Maybe your church could do a fund raiser. I would be more than happy to come and share about human trafficking at your church. I know that God is faithful... and I believe that He will do a total miracle in finances. Please join with me in prayer for this and if you can donate send to Oasis of Hope P.O.Box 406 Troy, Pa. 16947. No gift is too small. Thanks so much for standing with us and partnering with Oasis. God's blessings on you.. ~debbie~