Healing Hearts and Changing Lives

Oasis of Hope is a ministry dedicated to.... those caught up in the human trafficking industry.... Oasis of Hope is a safe haven for those to come and be restored in body, mind and soul through the saving power of Jesus Christ

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


The beginning of the renovations have begun. We have been blessed with the missions team that came from Greece Assemblies of God. How blessed we felt as around 45 men and women came to Oasis to begin to tear out and renovate the home. They removed all the old roofing and added new, they tore out the 2 old bathrooms and we are adding 2 new ones. New wiring and plumbing have been added. We are also enlarging the kitchen area to make it a teachable area for the girls. We are amazed at Gods faithfulness to this project and how He is networking us together with His people of the same mind. Together we will be able to rescue girls and restore their lives by giving them a home that they can feel safe and secure. We are hoping to be able to open in November if all continues to go as planned. More mission teams are needed. If your church has skilled carpenters, plumbers, electricians and would like to serve God by helping us renovate this home you can contact Debbie by emailing her at debbiesoasis@gmail.com.  God is so faithful and we give Him all the glory for what He has done.