Healing Hearts and Changing Lives

Oasis of Hope is a ministry dedicated to.... those caught up in the human trafficking industry.... Oasis of Hope is a safe haven for those to come and be restored in body, mind and soul through the saving power of Jesus Christ

Friday, February 19, 2010

Human Trafficking in the U.S.

Oasis of Hope is a ministry designed to help rescue young girls and women from the bondage of sex slavery in the United States. We are dedicated in making awareness known of this horrific crime against young women and children. Oasis of Hope is in the beginning stages of raising money to build a faith based home in Pennsylvania for the minors of the sex trafficking industry. Debbie knows first hand the effects of sex trafficking as she has ministered to 3 young girls in her own home that had been sold into sex slavery. Her heart is to show them the love of Jesus and the restoring power that comes through Him. Rescue is no rescue at all if there is no restoration and healing in these young girls lives. When Debbie began researching and finding out that there are only a hand full of faith based homes in the United States her heart broke.... Most of these girls are treated as criminals not victims... and a lot of the girls end up in juvenile delinquent homes and get lost in the system never really finding true healing. Many run away and find themselves back on the streets. It is Debbie's hope and prayer to build a home that will not only give them a safe haven but, also teach them and mentor them into becoming the women of God that He intended them to be...